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Specification:Wire BRONJONG

BRONJONG Wire Manufacturing

a) Must be made of low carbon steel galvanized coated thick, the minimum for woven wire should be 0.26 kg / m 2, for the wire to the edge TULANGAN 0.275 kg/ m2, for wire bonding to 0.24 kg/ m2, which meets BS 1052 / 80 and BS 443/ 82.

b) Characteristics of Wire Manufacturing BRONJONG are:

Heavy Galvanized and PVC layer
Reinforcement edge, diameter: 4.4 mm
Matting, diameter: 3.7 mm
Binding, diameter: 3.0 mm
Wire Pull Strength: 41 to 51 kg/ mm2
Extension diameter: 12% ( maximum)

c) Weaving: Woven must uniformly shaped hexagon is woven with three-hole loops with openings approximately 80 mm x 110 mm ( tolerance ± 10% ) , with tensile strength woven for 42 to 50 kN / m. Round the edge of the wire mesh should be tied to the framework BRONJONG so the connections that must be tied to the frame just as strong as in the woven body.

d) The basket should be a single unit with the required dimensions in the Figure and made so that it can be sent to the field before it is filled with stones.

e) Each BRONJONG wire must be diaphragma Manufacturing / screen every 1 meter distance. This insulation should be brought together in a way entwined with wire ties at the bottom of BRONJONG.


a) Conditions:
BRONJONG Angkur is a combination of system Angkur ( tile mesh) and facing BRONJONG. High facing BRONJONG for each unit is 0.5 m or 1.0 m. The main function of BRONJONG Angkur is a system of land cultivation, because the tile ( Angkur) are designed to be cut line so that the collapse of land into a stable, qualified as a road and bridge construction ( 93/ R075-1998 BBA and BBA 00/ R119- 2000)

Each part of the basket should be BRONJONG Angkur diaphragma / screen every 1 meter distance. This insulation should be attached to the bottom with a wire spiral BRONJONG.

Barbed wire bonding is used to assemble BRONJONG Angkur, binding between Angkur BRONJONG units and used as bracing to prevent BRONJONG menggelembungnya basket.

Binding wire spacing should not exceed 150mm. Procedures for using the binding wire consists of cutting the wire with sufficient length and binding to pelilitan wire wire mesh. Start with binding to the two loops or one loop through each hole and the last plait, tie wire ties to the woven wire. Place the diaphragm in a vertical position, and tie into the side panel in the same way.

b) All steel wire used in the manufacture BRONJONG Angkur must comply with the provisions in 1052/ 80 BS, and BS 443/ 82. Tensile strength of steel wire = 41 to 51 kg/ mm2.

Galvanized coating on the wire should remain attached even if the wire wound around a circle of 6 ( six) times in the bar test and does not peel or crack when rubbed with bare fingers.

c) PVC plastic coating that protects the steel wire to meet minimum thickness requirements must be 0.5 mm with a tolerance 0.05mm ( SNI 03-3046-1992 and ASTM A-975-1997) .

d) Woven wire should be made by cooper engine, the hexagon shape, each of equal size, by wrapping each wire pair 3 ( three) loops ( double twist) , with a minimum tensile strength of woven 42 kN / m.

e) All of the cut end woven unless the lower end of the insulation, should be tied tightly to the wire side have a diameter of at least 0.70 mm larger than the wire basket ( = 4.4 mm) .

Part of the matting must be woven together with a wicker basket as described in paragraph ( d) above, with the wire side of at least 0.70 mm greater for Angkur BRONJONG basket with PVC coated.

f) The top and vertical sides of the end of the panel must be attached with wire sides while diapraghma / bulkhead must be attached to all areas of the sides as described in paragaraph ( e)

End of the panel must be installed by wrapping the end of the wire basket on the bottom side of the wire basket Angkur BRONJONG. In the same way, insulation must be entwined with galvanized wire and PVC coated on the base of the basket BRONJONG Angkur.

Strength required to separate the panel from the bottom should not be less than that required to decide on the wire mesh panels.

g) Angkur woven panel is an inseparable part of the basket BRONJONG Angkur, namely Angkur panel should be established with woven panels that do not break, forming the front and top of the basket BRONJONG Angkur.

h) Wire bonding and connecting must also be made of heavy galvanized with PVC coating and is available for BRONJONG baskets Angkur, so BRONJONG Angkur basket assembly on the construction work could be perfect. Binding wire diameter should be 3: 00 mm and coated with PVC.

Tolerance for all sizes Angkur BRONJONG basket is ± 3%


Stone material that will be used to BRONJONG Wire Manufacturing and BRONJONG Angkur must consist of clean rock, hard and durable, round or square.

The size of the stone is allowed to be used is between 15 cm - 25 cm ( tolerance 5% ) and at least 85% of the stones used should have the same size or larger than the size and there should not be allowed to rock woven through the hole.

Material deposits

Pile soil material used for installation of wire BRONJONG Manufacturing and BRONJONG Angkur must meet the specifications stipulated in the design. Ideally the soil pile used is Sirtu or can also use a heap of options with the following specifications:

- Granular and porous.

- The percentage of granulated material sizes smaller than 75 microns, not more than 15%

- The percentage of the size of the granulated material is less than 100 mm, must be at least 90% .

- Paving the minimum to 90% Standard Proctor.

- Referring to the heaps of soil parameters in accordance with the design that is c = 5 kN/ m2, gdry = 18 kN/ m3, f = 30 º with a description of silty sand soil.

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